Birth of a Practice Miracle

steve and kid


Have you ever wished your practice could be effortless, fun and joyful? Have you wanted your child to enjoy and love music, but seen them scowl, or cry or lose heart in practice?

So have we.

And we saw that in the beauty of the Suzuki triangle, something was missing.

That something is the education of the parent in how to read and coach the child.  How to identify your child’s unique learning needs, understand what you, the parent, bring to each practice, and discover how to transform these elements from a forum for fractiousness into a garden of growth and love.

PRACTICE MIRACLE EXPERIENCE came to life as an intention to erase suffering from practice, from parent child relationships and to bring forth the potential of both child and parent through advancement. To do this, practice needs to feel not like a chore, but like a miracle; an oasis that contains seeds of love, beauty, joy , and mindful awareness. It is the intention of this program to bring forth this kind of practice for every family.


It is possible through awareness, education (and a little bit of grit.)

If you are a teacher, please invite us to offer our signature talk at your studio! 3 Massive Mistake Practice Parents Make that Keep them Frustrated with Resistance and Kids who Don’t Want to Practice!

We also offer this as a live webinar if your studio is too far for us to reasonably travel to in person.

If you are a parent and want to know more, send us an email to or message us on Facebook (Just type Practice Miracle Experience into your Facebook browser and we’ll come up). If you are in a hurry, you can call Jen at 540-752-2365 and we’ll get you set up right away with the answers you need.

Your Practice Miracle is waiting.

Why are you?




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