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Selfies from the April 2015 Practice Miracle Weekend!

What parents & teachers are saying about Practice Miracle Experience.

“Working with Jen and David has been an incredibly refreshing experience for my teaching.  Jen has a deep insight into the psychology of the students, parents and teachers that has allowed me to look at our working relationships and communication from a whole new perspective.  David’s understanding of the necessary learning steps together with his ability to empower and instill ownership in his students has been very inspiring.  The combination of these two minds and personalities has allowed me to expand my understanding of both human psyche and violin teaching in a way that has opened the windows of further development in myself and my studio.  This has been a life-changing experience.”      ~Leslie S. (teacher)

 “Jen and David are a terrific team.  The support, counsel, encouragement, and practical advice have gone a long way to helping me improve as a practice parent.  I still have a long way to go, but knowing there are people like Jen and David who don’t judge me but help me keep me motivated.  The focus on the “love” I have for my child is the best part.”    ~Liz K. (parent)

“Working with Jen has helped me to realize that life (and music) is about the journey, not the end result.  It has made me open up reevaluate my priorities.  I am so thankful to have someone to confide in and keep me on the path.”  ~ Katherine G. (parent)

“Thank you for the powerful energies you both channeled into the vision of this weekend. You made a thrilling team! As a Suzuki teacher contemplating musical study for my three year old daughter, I had a strong intuition that I was going to need the Practice Miracle Experience the moment I learned about it (literally–I wasted no time signing up), but the experience exceeded my expectations in terms of scope and depth. I now feel I have courage to walk this path without doubt or hesitation, and that both my daughter and I will be learning the violin for the first time. Should doubt or hesitation creep back in, I also feel that I have some extremely powerful tools to quiet them.”  ~ Kismet A. (teacher & parent)

“Thank you both for the wonderful gift of your loving time, attention and coaching!”  ~Brenda B. (parent)


If you have something to say about Practice Miracle, please email it to us at practiceparentcoaching@gmail.com!  You can also review your experience with us on Facebook by opening the menu button with three dots and clicking the Write a Review tab!



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